Australian Almond Board

It’s the almond blossom season!

The time when almond orchards in blossom remind us of the natural,
home grown goodness of Australian almonds!

For Australian almond farmers, the blossom season is a critical time of the year when tens of thousands of almond trees come alive with colour and the sound of almost five billion bees, busy completing the all-important pollination.
You can find out about the lifecycle of almonds here.


The almond blossom season is celebrated across many regions of Australia. Share in the fun of the blossom season. The Willunga Almond Blossom Festival in South Australia ran from 27th July to 5th August August or visit the Mallee Almond Blossom Festival in Victoria on Sunday, 12th August.


To support growers and the blossom season, the Almond Board of Australia is running a range of ‘Australian almonds in blossom’ in-store promotions  in supermarkets throughout the country. Look out for it in a store near you!


Have a look at some of the spectacular images taken of the almond blossom season on this page... If you would like to submit a photo that you have taken of this beautiful time of year please contact us


The almond blossom season means that spring is on its way, a season of energy, having fun outdoors and looking great.
So get cooking with Australian almonds this blossom season and enjoy not only their great taste but their nutritional benefits!

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